Boycott Budweiser to protest the foreign sale of Anheuser-Busch to Belgian brewer InBev.

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Written by David   
Monday, 14 July 2008 14:25

On July 14th, 2008, Belgian brewer InBev announced that by throwing large amounts of cash at August A. Busch IV, he agreed to sell American icon Anheuser-Busch to the foreign company.  The Budweiser Clydesdales hung their heads low in response to the news.

This is your page to respond to this news.

Our site has been flooded with emails since this morning... but posting here will give you a sounding board to the rest on the internet, not just us.

Let your opinion be heard.

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Popp   |76.23.150.xxx |2008-07-14 07:39:40
This sucks.
Bud Drinker  - Doing it right   |68.193.211.xxx |2008-07-14 07:43:29
This really blows... how do you set something free that you love so much?
Brian  - Disgusting   |66.210.251.xxx |2008-07-14 07:48:42
That's about all I can say, DISGUSTING!!!
Clay   |64.12.116.xxx |2008-07-14 10:17:39
It's all about money, not loyality, America or American beer drinkers. So, don't drink it. Don't drink Miller either it's owned by the South Africans or Dutch owned Heineken or Mexican brewed Corona or Coors either. Hell, for that matter don't go in buildings owned by the Saudis, or the Chinese. What are you going to do when they sell the interstate highway system to Spain? These companies don't give a rats as* about anything but the bottom line.
Joel   |67.34.183.xxx |2008-07-14 10:58:57
It really IS about the almighty dollar, I suppose. It's really ironic, because my family and I avidly go to Sea World (at least twice a month). All over the park, you see signs and placards blasting Miller and Coors for be owned by foreign breweries. Once such placard says, "Every dollar spent on an Anheuser-Busch product, STAYS in America." Not so anymore. No more free beer at Sea World or Busch Gardens, I guess. August Busch IV can kiss my ass. Augustus Busch is rolling in his grave. I'll be drinking Sam Adams and Yuengling from here on out.
Dawn   |72.188.11.xxx |2008-07-14 11:02:18

I am highly pissed off at this news. Me and my family go to the theme parks in Florida all the time, the only beer allowed in the house is Bud Lt and now this. F*ck that
Olson  - No Longer A Budweiser Drinker   |208.126.22.xxx |2008-07-14 13:06:00
America Is Now Officially Run By Outside Products... Its A Shame, I Started Drinking Budweiser Since I First Took A Sip Of Beer And Drank Budweiser Ever Since... Now What Am I Gonna Drink... Water?
Bud man no more  - Time for local beer   |64.12.116.xxx |2008-07-14 20:56:53
I am from the Kansas City area, I love AB prouducts, drink AB products nightly with my friends after my shift at the Ford Claycomo plant. NO MORE WILL WE DRINK AB beer. We will just have to go local and drink Blvd. Beer.
Mike  - Anyone Else for President   |71.232.152.xxx |2008-07-15 03:19:32
"President" Bush has stood by and let the economy fail, and let the dollar fall so low that the US is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

I have been drinking Budweiser since I started drinking beer. That stops today.
Joe American   |12.104.14.xxx |2008-07-15 03:34:43
This is just another of a long list of American companies selling out.....Enough is enougn with this crap....find another beer to drink.....now the Bud fanatics can't claim patriotism....INBEV has already anounced +2000 layoffs....I'm not even mad...just very disappointed in corporate America again....it's getting old.
jed   |70.169.53.xxx |2008-07-15 03:35:25
ab can piss off, im not drinking it anymore.
thanks for nothing eh?
Drew   |64.105.134.xxx |2008-07-15 05:45:18
You guys are all idiots and apparently don't own your own business. When you do and you're offered $52 Billion for it then come back to this and post how you're loyal and not a sell out. Get a clue
Dave  - A-B Could have chosen a different path   |67.91.250.xxx |2008-07-15 06:25:58
What AB could have done is position the company to keep it from getting bought out... a large, profitable company that you own and control can inevitably make you more money than selling your shares and losing control... ESPECIALLY a company that has been in your family for 150 years.
Jason   |70.245.188.xxx |2008-07-15 08:56:43
So your saying that everything does have a price? What about the profits that would have continued to grow and pour in indefinitely and benefit in the US economy. You may be a business savvy guru in your own mind, but you can't put a price on the pride or loyalty. Maybe you shouldn't call people idiots so fast. You, August IV, and Benedict Arnold can all kiss my a%!.
Jason  - re:   |70.245.188.xxx |2008-07-15 08:59:57
That last comment was for Drew and not Dave.
Jason  - Loyalties on the Move   |70.245.188.xxx |2008-07-15 08:45:44
I am more disgusted with the recent AB buyout as I have been about anything in quite a while. It's a real "buzzkill" to find out the the iconic brand you have enjoyed and patronized for years has shown that anything can be bought for a price. Responsibility to stockholders my as*! America would have stood with you August A., but there was just too much money on the line to keep you from pissing away your dignity. While August and his stockholders count their dividends, Inbev can count on at least one less customer than before the merger for their newly acquired product. I hope that Sam Adams is planning to keep it American, because I won't be drinking Bud Select or Tilt anymore. F*#* Inbev!
Marty Scheuer   |209.131.79.xxx |2008-07-15 09:53:42
I agree that enough is enough. I ahve nothing against Bud or the shareholders who benefited from this but it's simply a matter of trying to buy American all the way around. With plenty of good US beers why the H not drink a beer that keeps profits in the US? It's usually so hard to find US made products this seems like an easy way to support US companies.

Marty Scheuer
Anonymous   |98.220.192.xxx |2008-07-15 10:05:38
I stopped drinking their products when they gave the nigger Jackson family the distributorship in Chicago. Enough said!
brian   |71.71.192.xxx |2008-07-16 11:13:50
bunch of chicken neck sell out traitors as far as I'm concerned. I'll spend the couple extra bux for Sam Adams.
S. Anderson   |68.5.26.xxx |2008-07-16 15:16:03
A-B an American icon selling out? How so?

A German immigrant established this brewey AFTER visitng the Budvar brewery in Budweis, Czech Republic (then Austria-Hungary). Anything from Budweis (a citizen, a beer, etc) is a Budweiser. Also, the slogan for Budweiser beers was the "Beer of Kings", as many European monarchs liked this beer. The A-B brewery is nothing more than a large case of plagarism. (For what it is worth, brewing in the city of Budweis predates the A-B brewery by about 700 years)

Want to drink a real beer, made by brewers who know how to brew beer? Drink a real Budweiser Budvar (sold under the name Czechvar).
Norm   |70.246.194.xxx |2008-07-16 15:40:35
Looks like we already lost the fight, but maybe not the war. As I understand it, 93% of AB sales are generated from the US market. The way I look at it is that, InBev may own AB but the US now owns InBev. If most Americans would stand up and boycott everything that is InBev, we could easily crush them. If InBev’s (A sales suffered a huge drop for as long as it took, InBev would be stuck with 53 billion dollars worth of nothing. They would be forced to unload AB to save their company, and we would be in the position to dictate to whom AB could or could not be sold to. Just wishful thinking, probably at best with today’s America. But I know that there was a time when Americans would not let something like this happen.
Tracy K  - Mr.   |164.50.244.xxx |2008-07-18 06:54:54
Had my last Michelob Ultra last night...switching to Sam Adams. I wonder how much they'll sell Bud back for when they go bust.
G Rogers  - Dear Bud, go suck it.   |129.115.220.xxx |2008-07-19 11:51:05
I'm switching to a locally produce brew, something American owned and operated. I refuse to drink a product owned by a European company. If I can avoid it, I do. You've given me an easy target.

Down with AB! Down with InBev! America cannot be bought like this, stand up patriots and fight with your wallets!
J.Moyle   |121.223.8.xxx |2008-07-19 17:32:07
Typical yanks crying when one of their homegrown companies get bought out.They don't winge when they walk into another country and do the same.They only bought it because your almighty dollar isn't worth the shit tickets it's written on.When you go into your recession it'll happen more often.
Dillon  - Mr.   |166.128.193.xxx |2008-07-21 06:44:59
I REFUSE to play soccer..nor will I drink from the well that is going to undermine the USA. AS FOR COORS AND MILLER you can kiss my ass to...
Dillon   |166.128.193.xxx |2008-07-21 06:58:48
and you your'o pee ons...if it wasnt for the US You would be goose stepping about now...so lets not hear from the your"o trash...
Kimberly Stanley     |24.90.250.xxx |2008-07-23 09:32:49
Hey Dave,

Like you, I try to buy American, but Budweiser is horrible, horrible beer that is only going to be improved by the Belgians. However, if we could all start buying Brooklyn Brewery beer (http://www.brooklynbrewery.com/) then I think we will all be okay.

K. Stanley-Markowitz
don   |65.246.3.xxx |2008-07-25 07:24:39
What about the high Falls Brewing Co. of Rochester , NY... brewers of Genesse beer and ales... Is this American Owned.. if so it is a pretty good alternative for easterners
TruePatriot   |67.183.13.xxx |2008-07-27 08:13:21
Y'all seem to be forgetting that America is a nation founded and made great by a bunch of people from somewhere else... foreigners, to be precise.

I'm all for buying local, but Bud and A.B. never were, as a previous poster pointed out. The real Budvar Bud is much tastier. Then again, so is pretty much any Good 'Ole American microbrew.

Get the fuck over yourselves, and quit confusing narrow minded xenophobia with "patriotism." And drink whatever the fuck you like the taste of, not what some corporation tells you will put American Hair on your weenie chest.
Paul Guerin  - Mr   |75.148.97.xxx |2008-07-29 12:04:23
I find it just incredible that so many Americans resent the take over of A-B by a European outfit. Let me give you the other side of the coin:
1) American economic superiority (for the time being) has been built on ruthless takeovers of domestic and foreign companies.
2) For those who say "it's just about money": American society is based on that very principle. What's wrong with it now?
3) InBev is much more likely to take the Bud brand to higher spheres than A-B ever was (more American jobs). They are more professional, smarter and let's face it more worldly.
Time you leant buddies
Mike   |68.37.74.xxx |2008-08-14 08:32:13

Isnt anything sacred?

Ill drink bud again -when Im in Belgium, but now Im in America and I want an American beer.

As for most of those who could care less, you'd defend a dead rat over your next door neighbor and you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves for still living in the USA!

Buds reputation is built on American tradition, maybe if they changed their tag lines they wouldnt get so much heat.
sfh     |222.247.150.xxx |2008-08-27 01:28:17
A maiden with many wooers often chooses the worst.All the treasures of the earth would not bring back one lost moment.
deebs   |69.182.188.xxx |2008-09-07 06:28:27
Screw em all PBR's, Magic Hats, Sammy's and Long Trails for everyone. Who needs Crud(BUD) Products anyway!
Redge   |68.116.250.xxx |2008-11-25 09:54:40
Good thing I drink Shiner anyways.
Brandon  - F.A.B   |76.242.179.xxx |2008-12-17 00:05:34
I am starting a group called F.A.B for F@#CK ANHEUSER BUSCH. I would like to get some hats or t-shirts goin. If anyone would be willing to join F.A.B let me know via e-mail at F.A.B@yahoo.com. I am a US Soldier defending all that is free and truly American and I have boycotted Bud and so have many I know. Lets stand together and yell F.A.B!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brandon  - F.A.B   |76.242.179.xxx |2008-12-17 00:13:53
Correction on the F.A.B e-mail. It is fab4ever08@yahoo.com. Let me know what you think.
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